Rivertex Technical Fabrics Group develop, manufacture & supply a wide range of materials suitable for Industrial applications. Through a process of testing, approval & certification to local & international standards, Rivertex have been able to build up a portfolio of durable Technical Fabrics designed to meet the rigorous demands of Industrial markets. Applications include Flexible Containment & Liners, Transportation, Petro-Chemical Seals, Covers, Tarpaulin & Bellows.  Agricultural


Rivertex offers a range of high quality coated fabric suitable for sports mats, waterproof covers, insulation and truck covers. These fabrics  are available in different constructions, coatings, weights and colours.

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Our bellows fabrics consist of high quality fabrics with excellent durability. High temperature, oil and flex resistance make these fabrics suitable for all types of bellows. 

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Flexible Containment & Seals

A range of materials designed for primary & secondary flexible containment, petro-Chemical Seals & Industrial Ducting.
This range offers a variety of polymers, coated & laminated on textiles to offer long term compatibility within flexible storage & transportation of Drinking Water, Fuels & Chemicals. Materials within this range are supported by internationally recognized certifications such as WRAS & DWI along with an extensive list of chemicals & food stuffs approved for contact by our internal Laboratory.  

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The Rivertex range of Agricultural materials are designed to be durable & withstand the toughest conditions. The range is used worldwide in applications such as Fish Farming, Flexible Agricultural partitions & flexible covers for Farming. 

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