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Riverseal® for Medical

Riverseal® for Medical is a range specifically designed to meet the high testing standards and everyday usage criteria of the international medical market.

Riverseal® for Medical is approved & certified for products going into Hospital, Care Home & Residential properties with ranges specifically designed for high washing criteria now essential in most medical items. Manufactured by Rivertex, Riverseal® for Medical has a proven history in the market and is certified for usage in a wide range of medical applications such as:


Riverseal® for Marine

The Riverseal® range of materials was originally designed for Life Saving applications. Marine Safety is at the heart of this and Riverseal® by Rivertex and offers unrivalled knowledge and experience in this key market. For over 20 years Rivertex® has been a world leading manufacturer of TPU Coated Fabrics and Films within Marine Safety focusing on:

  • Life Jackets
  • Life Rafts
  • Survival Suits
  • Immersion Suits

Riverseal® for P.P.E.

Riverseal® for PPE is designed and built around the protection, safety and wellbeing of the user. The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) market relies on quality and reliability in markets when failure is not an option. For over 20 years, Rivertex have been a key player in the PPE market, manufacturing a range of materials to the below fields:

  • Army
  • Ballistic Protection / Body Armour
  • Fire Service
  • Police
  • Work wear

The Riverseal® Difference

Riverseal® has become a beacon of reliability through different market segments, with Marine Safety, Medical and Personal Protection Equipment manufacturers all approving and recommending Riverseal® in crucial life-saving applications.

Riverseal® is essential when performance matters and the range is built around four key area’s: More...