Rivertex Technical Fabrics develop, manufacture & supply a wide range of materials suitable for Industrial products. Through testing & approvals in specific markets, Rivertex have been able to build up a portfolio of Technical Fabrics designed to meet & exceed market expectations. The market segments include:

- Petro-Chemical
- Agricultural Covers
- Side Curtains
- Chemical Containment
- Bellows
- Cold Store Door Seal
- Bio-Gas
- Liners
- Flexitanks
- Bags
- Military
- Primary Containment
- Secondary Containment
- Sports Surface Covers
- Ducting
- Covers

Many of the materials supplied for the above markets are available from stock, however Rivertex Technical Fabrics are also able to design and develop new materials with our customers for specific market applications. Our varied manufacturing capability allows us to offer a wide range of Coated Fabric solutions such as:

- Polyurethane Coated Nylon/Polyester (TPU)
- PVC Coated Nylon Polyester
- Silicone Coated Nylon/Polyester
- PU/PVC Blend Coated Nylon/Polyester
- Ripstop Nylon

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